Frequently Asked Questions

My Omnivox 

1.  My Omnivox is blocked. What do I do?

Steps to follow:

a)  When an alert message is displayed when logging in to the system, follow the instructions. It is imperative to report to the appropriate department to update your administrative file.

b)  Do I still have access to my mios?

You always have access to your mios no matter what blocks your other Omnivox modules.

c) I've lost my password.

Click on the "Forgot your password?" tab and follow the instructions on the screen. If the problem persists, contact your student coordinator.

d) I do not really understand how Omnivox works.

Do you know that a user guide exists for this purpose? You can find it on the Omnivox Support section.

My Schedule

1.  When does the semester begin and end?

You will find a calendar for the semester in the following two places: on your Omnivox home page (under the Events Calendar section) and in the student guide that you can download here:

2.  When are final exams?

-  Exam weeks are predefined and indicated in the student's schedule.

-  An information message on how to access your personalized schedule will be posted in the News and Messages section of your Omnivox home page when it becomes available.

3.  What are the deadlines for:

a)  Registering for an upcoming semester?

The first week of the semester is the deadline to re-register. However, we strongly advise you not to wait until the last minute in order to reserve your spot in the courses.

b)  Changing my schedule?

Schedules are available two weeks before classes start. Any request for modification(s) is only allowed during this period.

c)  Dropping a course?

The deadline for dropping a course without failure notation is fixed for each semester by the Ministry. Refer to your semester calendar displayed on your Omnivox home page.

d)  When will I receive my diploma or certificate?

The date of reception varies depending on the program. However, count approximately 3 months after the end of your courses for the issuance of the document. You will receive a mio when it is ready.

My Progression Chart

1.  I do not wish to complete my semester.

-  You must submit the request to the student coordinator of your program (by mio or in person). Consult the section "Who are my contacts?" to find the right person.

2.  I want to add or remove a course.

-  For any requests to add or remove courses, please contact the administrative technician for your program (by mio or in person). See the section "Who are my contacts?" to find the right person.

-  The addition of courses is possible until the day before the start of the semester.

-  The removal of courses is possible until the deadline for dropping a course without failure notation. You will find the school calendar in the Student Guide (

3.  When will I have access to my schedule?

-  Schedules are available approximately 2 weeks before classes start.
-  A message on the Omnivox home page will be displayed to inform students.

4.  I have failed classes, what should I do?

-  If you have failed less than half of your courses, please contact the student coordinator of your program (by mio or in person). They will be able to explain the impact on your progression and your options.

-  If you have failed 50% or more of the courses (technical refusal case), please contact the student coordinator for your school (by mio or in person) in order to review your progress, explain the impact of your failures and sign a success contract for the continuation of your studies.

5.  I want to change programs.

If it is the first semester in the program, first contact the Admissions Department. They will be able to assist you and if needed, refer you to the student coordinator for your school.

From semester 2 onwards, contact the student coordinator of your school (by mio or in person). The steps to follow and the impacts of this change will be explained to you at that time.

6.  I have questions about my progression chart.

-  You always have access to your progression chart via Omnivox, in the Progression Chart section. It is very important to consult it every semester to track your progress and to understand the prerequisite courses. 

-  If you have more specific questions, you can contact the student coordinator for your program.

7.  Why are language courses mandatory in my program?

-  Language courses are included in DEC programs as it is a ministerial requirement for graduation. They are particularly important in order to prepare for the Uniform French Exam or the English Exit Exam. Please note that failing the exam will prevent you from obtaining your DEC diploma. This is why it is important to follow and pass the sequence of language courses planned by the College, which is different for each student and depends on the result of your placement test.

 My Administrative Steps

1. I am not satisfied with one of my exam results. What can I do?

-  It is possible to request a grade revision. You can complete your Omnivox online application form in the My Forms section. The grade revision may be requested at the latest on the Friday preceding the beginning of the next semester.

-  Please note that administrative fees will be charged. In the case where the grade revision is accepted, you will be able to make a refund request.

2.  I was absent from an exam, what should I do?

-  First, check with your teacher whether you can re-write the exam by providing valid medical proof of your absence.

-  Upon the teacher’s recommendation, contact your program’s student coordinator (by mio only) with your supporting documents in order to obtain a retake authorization.

3.  I already took classes at another school, can I have them credited?

-  In the case of general education courses already successfully completed in Quebec, these will be added automatically to your file.

-  For any other course, it is possible to request an equivalence. You can complete the application form found on Omnivox and send the required administrative documents by email to

4.  My immigration documents will soon expire. What should I do?

-  We strongly advise you to start your process at least three months before the expiry date of your documents.

-  You must apply for an official transcript and a detailed attestation letter directly on Omnivox in the "Documents request" section. You can retrieve the documents from the secretary’s office of your school within 48 hours after submitting your request.

-  Afterwards, you will be able to proceed with your request with the appropriate government authorities.

a) Ministry of Immigration, Diversity and Inclusion of Quebec:

b) Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada:

5.  I have an internship to complete during my program. What should I do?

-  Refer to the administrative technician for your program for all the steps and deadlines.

6.  I changed citizenship. What should I do?

-  Contact your school’s student coordinator (by mio or in person) in order to submit the required supporting documents. They will then update your file and make any applicable modification.

Attention: For any request, only the original documents will be accepted.

7.  What should I do if I want to cancel my contract?

-  For any cancellation, please contact your school’s administrative coordinator (by mio or in person) to discuss the terms and conditions and impacts of your decision.

8.  What should I do if I'm sick and cannot attend my classes?

-  The first step is to notify your teachers of the situation to justify your absences. Note that a justification for absences does not remove these hours of absence from your file.

-  During an extended absence period due to medical reasons, you must notify the student coordinator of your school who will indicate the steps to follow depending on the situation.

9.  I need a proof of registration.

-  Depending on the details of the information you need, three letters of attestation of registration can be issued:

1) Attestation Letter (simple format, $5): this letter can be found in the “Documents Request” section of your Omnivox. The system will automatically generate a letter that you can download and print yourself.

2) Attestation Letter (simple format, $10): This letter is identical to the simple letter at $5, but you will find the official seal in colour. You will find the form in the Omnivox ‘’Documents Request” section.

3) Attestation Letter (detailed format, $50): This letter is mainly used for study permit and CAQ applications. All the detailed administrative and academic information from the student's file is indicated there. You will find the form in the Omnivox ‘’Documents Request” section.

4) Your transcript is available on Omnivox. However, in order to have a signed transcript with the College stamp, you must fill out the online form. You will find the form in the Omnivox ‘’Documents Request” section.

10.  I have lost my report card/diploma/certificate.

-  In the case of the report card or the Attestation of Collegial Studies, you can request a reprint by completing the online form in the "Documents request" section of your Omnivox home page. Reprinting fees will apply.

-  For a request regarding a diploma issued by the Ministry, you must apply for a duplicate on their website.

11. I lost my student card.

-  You must go to the reception of the Documentation center located on the 4th floor of the building.

12. My contact details have changed.

-  You can change your personal details (address/email/phone) in Omnivox. New information will automatically be added to your administrative file.

13. I have a complaint to make.

-  You will first have to contact the student coordinator of your school to present your situation and share the reasons for your dissatisfaction. They will assist you with any specific issue.

14. I have a financial problem.

-  For any financial questions related to your file, you can contact the following email address: or by mio: Financial services for students, Financial services for students. They will be able to assist you and redirect you to the right services if necessary. 

What services does the College offer? 

Many services are available to our students, such as the success center, the employment service or medical and family assistance. You will find all the necessary information in your online student guide. 

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