My Virtual Classes 

This section contains all the necessary information for your first connection and the use of your virtual classes.

Your first connection to Teams

Some authentication steps are required the first time you connect to Teams. Below you will find the information needed to make your first connection successfully.

First Login + Dual Authentication Video

Webinar - Your First Connection to Microsoft Teams

1 hour.

Teams Classroom Training

You want to push your understanding of Teams a little bit further? These training capsules are for you!

Teams Training Video for MAC

How can you access to your class

Add a course to your calendar

Specialized software tutorials

Some programs and courses require the use of specialized software for your learning. Find out more about how to use these specialized software programs in the webinars below - you can watch them live at the time and date indicated, or watch them again later.

Access to the Office suite

Did you know? With your LCI address, you have access to the basic Microsoft Office suite, including the following software: Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote, Publisher and Access.

Visit the following website for more information:

Reminder of the online training rules 

Online training has its challenges. Please refer to our policy regarding online training regulations to ensure compliance throughout your studies.

We would like to remind you of these three (3) essentials for the success of your studies:
- Class participation with an opened webcam
- Communicate using Chat with professionnalism
- Add a background effect for privacy and professionalism

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What to do before my session?

My Virtual Classes

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