Virtual Admissions Office

If you still have documents to give to your Admissions Advisor, if you can't see your schedule or if your Omnivox account is blocked? Contact your advisor now or consult the I have a question regarding my admission page.

Our International Advisors

Aziz Kasbaoui
Africa and Middle-East (including Iran) Advisor

Vivian Peng
China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), South East Asia (including Japan and South Korea) and Australia Advisor

Jorge Osorio
Europe Advisor

Adrian De Alba
Latin America, Caribbean and United States Advisor

Scarlet Otero
Mexico and Central America Advisor

Our Local Advisors

Mélissa St-Laurent
Team Leader
& Canada Advisor

Kimberly Ann Girard
Canada Advisor

Sue-Ellen Maatouk
Canada Advisor

Abdellah Alami Arroussi
Canada Advisor