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A Back-To-School Celebrating the 60th Anniversary | Welcome Day 

To mark its 60th anniversary, LaSalle College offered its students a festive start to the school year! All day long, students were invited to the mezzanine where free coffee, slushes, Mr. Freeze and popcorn and brightened up their first day of school. A GIF booth invited them to capture this moment. At the end of the day, everyone was invited to a festive back-to-school cocktail hosted by a DJ.

Student activities and sports teams | Meet the Leisure Technician 

Contact us via mio at Student Services if you have any questions or would like to suggest activities.

Responsible for recruiting sports teams in September.

Works closely with the student association AGEL.

Student Life and Student Services

Student Services welcomes all new students and extends a warm welcome to all those continuing their studies during the semester. 

Throughout your time at the College, the Student Services Department is there for you, online and on campus, offering a multitude of services to support you in your studies.

Student services

Contact us!

Do you have questions or would like to share your suggestions with us? The best way to reach us is by mio at Student Services. We are also available on campus on the 6th floor next to La Plaza.

Support Services

Psychosocial support 

Counselling services and follow ups offered on campus or by videoconference.

Group workshops offered bimonthly.

For an individual session, please click here:

To contact us by mio: Jaibesoindeparler / Ineedtotalk 

Career Services

Access to Portfolio (employer ads), paid internships, job fairs, networking activities, coaching sessions, etc.

Prioritize communications via mio by writing to Career Services.

Remote or on-campus (as needed) appointment for coaching sessions:

Adapted Services

Contact the Adapted Services through mio to make a first appointment or for a follow-up that will take place either on campus or remotely.

Provide your medical diagnosis report or the evaluation report issued by a Quebec health professional.

Assessment of your needs to determine your accommodations. 

Guidance Counsellor 

First appointment and follow-up on campus or remotely.

Make an appointment via mio by writing to Orientation Service or by clicking on the following link :

Occasional virtual workshops during the semester. 

Learning Centers for Students​

English Learning Center (ELC)

The English Learning Centre (ELC) is one of the Help Centres under the umbrella of Student Services. Teachers at the ELC work with students to help them improve their English skills so that they have success in their courses and the English Exit Exam. This help is available for all course levels and includes reading comprehension, analysis, essay structure and written expression.

Computer Science Help Center​

Teacher at Compass Computer Help Centre are available during week days to assist video games, programming and networking students. Support is offered to help students progress at their own pace, based on their needs and schedule.

We recommend to all students to take advantage of these services to better their skills and succeed in reaching their goals.

The registration procedure as follow:

1. You must fill out the registration form below in which you will have to specify:
• your name;
• the type of assistance requested (individual or workshop);
• and the course or subject for which you need help.

2. Then, a tutor will contact you by mio to make an appointment according to your availability. 

Math Help Center​

One-on-one or small group help in Mathematics and Statistics is available online. Students can request help by filling out the online registration form in order to schedule appointment times. In addition to appointments throughout the session, there will be teachers available at scheduled times at the end of the semester to help students as they prepare for final exams.

French Language Assistance, Support and Help (FLASH)

Individual help or small groups workshops are offered at this center for French Language Assistance, Support and Help.  The services provided at the FLASH will bring support to students who need help in their French ​class​ or who want to improve their oral and writing skills.  Due to a limited amount of hours, students will often be paired with 1 or 2 others students from the same group.

Have a good semester!