Chosen First Name or Change of Gender Designation 

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To reflect our values of inclusiveness and acceptance, LaSalle College allows students to use a chosen name* during their day-to-day college activities and gives them the option to submit a change of gender designation application.

The requested gender designation must be supported by documents issued by the government to the student. There is now “Non-Binary” option too. For a chosen first name, the application does not require official supporting documents; this request is intended to simplify the student’s interactions in the community.

A person may decide to use a chosen first name for various reasons: 
•  trans and non-binary students might choose to use a first name that is more reflective of their gender identity;
•  international students may wish to adapt their first name to their host society;
•  students with multiple legal names may want to choose only one to simplify interactions;
•  Etc. 

*Chosen first name: A “chosen” first name is used by certain people during their everyday life which differs from their legal first name.

**Legal name: The legal name is the first name assigned to a person at birth or recognized by the Registrar of Civil Status.

Use of the chosen first name at LaSalle College

The chosen first name will be prioritized in all College communications and interactions as well as in unofficial documents, while the legal first name** will continue to be used in official documents and government procedures.

The chosen first name will be used:  
•  In Office 365 (school email) and Omnivox
•  In communications, documents and interactions in classes and with the administration that do not require the use of the legal name
•  On student cards (you must submit an update request for this purpose)
•  On disciplinary warnings and expulsion notices  

The legal name will be used:
•  On applications and acceptance letters
•  On equivalency requests
•  On transcripts
•  On attestation of registration requests
•  On internship contracts
•  On proof of graduation
•  On diplomas
•  On Opus card confirmations
•  On student involvement recognition 

For a complete list of uses of chosen and legal first names, please see the Detailed List for Chosen and Legal First Name Use.  

Apply for a chosen name or change of gender designation 

All chosen first name and change of gender designation applications must be done using the “Request to add a selected first name to the student record or change of gender designation” form found in the LaSalle College Student Guide

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