Omnivox Support   

The Omnivox platform is an essential tool for all students at LaSalle College. You will find your schedules, course and grade information, an internal messaging system (MIO) to communicate with your teachers, the administrative team of your program and much more!

How to use Omnivox? 

To answer most of your questions, we’ve created this user guide to help you use the Omnivox platform properly.

Omnivox guide

How to create your Omnivox account

Technical information

IT and technical support

Please refer to the I have a question about Omnivox page.

Information on Wi-Fi 

When taking your courses on campus, you will have access to the college's Wi-Fi.

It is important that you connect via the LaSalleÉtudiants network and not on LaSalleGuest.

When you want to connect, you can find the password on the Omnivox newsfeed. 


Through your Omnivox, you will also have access to different communities. These communities are used to gather information on different topics.

For example, in the left-hand menu (when you open Omnivox on a browser), you will see communities related to your school, student support services and student services.


When something new is posted, a notification appears on the community logo. Check them regularly to see what's going on at the College and to take an appointment with one of the services.

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