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Fashion, Arts and Design

Hotel Management & Tourism

Business and Technologies / VFX and Game Design

Social Sciences and Education

Table of Programs By Team

006.22 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Master Class
006.23 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Stage and Special Effects Techniques
006.25 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Fashion and Beauty
007.39 - Institutional Certificate in Manicures, Pedicures and Articifial Nails
500.AF - DEC in Arts, Literature and Communication, Arts option
500.AJ - DEC in Arts, Literature and Communication, Media option
570.E0 and NTA.21 - DEC and AEC in Design Interior
571.A0 & NTC.1Q - DEC & AEC in Fashion Design
571.C0 & NTC.1W - DEC & AEC in Fashion Marketing
JYC.0H - AEC in Event Planning
NTA.1C - AEC in Graphic Design
NTA.1X - AEC in Professional Creative Photography
NTC.1T - AEC in Technical Clothing Designer
NWY.1D - AEC in Video Editing
NWY.1Q - AEC in Media Strategies and Advertising
52.45 - DEP in Hairdressing
53.39 - DEP in Aesthetics
58.44 - DEP in Computer Graphics

414.AC & LCL.2A - DEC & AEC in Tourism Techniques - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products
430.A0 & LJA.17 - DEC &AEC in Hotel Management Technique
430.B0 & LJA.18 - DEC & AEC in Food Service Management
LJA.1Q - AEC in Hotel Lodging Management
LJA.1E - AEC in Managing Senior Citizen Homes
LCL.1K - AEC in Travel Creation
53.11 - DEP in Professional Cooking
53.24 - ASP in Market-Fresh Cooking

410.B0 & LCA.71 - DEC & AEC in Accounting and Management Technology
410.D0 & LCA.70 - DEC & AEC in Business Management
410.X0 - DEC in Creative Industries Management
420.BP - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Programming option
420.BR - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Network and Security Management option
420.BX - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming option
EEC.24 - AEC in Residential Real Estate Broker
EJN.16 - AEC in Operations and Production Management
LCA.CV - AEC in SME Accounting
LCA.FP - AEC in Entrepreneurship and Takeover
LCA.FU - AEC in Project Management
LCA.5E - AEC in International Commerce Import-Export (FITT)
LCA.5G - AEC in Transportation Logistics
LEA.00 - AEC in Mobile and Web Application Development for Mobile Devices in Information Technology
LEA.27 - AEC in Cisco Network Management
LEA.3Q - AEC in Information Technology Programmer-Analyst
LEA.99 - AEC in Network Management (Cisco and Microsoft)
LEA.D7 - AEC in Specialization in Business Intelligence
LEA.DQ - AEC in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
LEA.DR - AEC in Machine Learning
NTL.1H - AEC in Game and Level Design
NTL.0V - AEC in Video Game 3D Modeling
NWY.1X - AEC in Social Media Strategy

300.A0 - DEC in Social Sciences (all profiles)
322.A0 & JEE.OQ - DEC & AEC in Early Childhood Education
351.A0 - DEC in Special Care Counselling

LCA.D0 - AEC in Event Planning and Management (online)
LCE.6S - AEC in Executive Assistant (online)
LEA.CE - AEC in E-business (online)
NTA.1C - AEC in Graphic Design (online - IlaSalle)
NTA.1P - AEC in Interior Design (online)
NTC.0L - AEC in Fashion Styling (online)
NTC.1H - AEC in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile (online)
NTL.0Y - AEC in Video Game 3D Modeling (online)
NWE.30 - AEC in Multimedia Integration (online)