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All members of the academic and registrarial team work together for the benefit of your student file. However, for specific requests regarding your file, please refer to the program list below to find the team that is completely dedicated to you.

François Bousquet

Alex Boisvert-Lebel

Manal El Ouraoui

Drola Sukhoo

Noemi Jara-Rodriguez

Hoai Thu Nguyen (Thuti)

Hélène Mourant

Lucie Bélanger

Ladan Almasian

Sandra Serravalle

Gabriele Bauer

Renata Lourenço Pereira

Annie Vallée

Table of Programs By Team

006.22 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Master Class
006.23 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Stage and Special Effects Techniques
006.25 - Institutional Certificate in Artistic Makeup - Fashion and Beauty
007.39 - Institutional Certificate in Manicures, Pedicures and Articifial Nails
500.AF - DEC in Arts, Literature and Communication, Arts option
500.AJ - DEC in Arts, Literature and Communication, Media option
570.E0 and NTA.21 - DEC and AEC in Design Interior
571.A0 & NTC.1Q - DEC & AEC in Fashion Design
571.C0 & NTC.1W - DEC & AEC in Fashion Marketing
JYC.0H - AEC in Event Planning
NTA.1C - AEC in Graphic Design
NTA.1X - AEC in Professional Creative Photography
NTC.1T - AEC in Technical Clothing Designer
NWY.1D - AEC in Video Editing
NWY.1Q - AEC in Media Strategies and Advertising
52.45 - DEP in Hairdressing
53.39 - DEP in Aesthetics
58.44 - DEP in Computer Graphics

414.AC & LCL.2A - DEC & AEC in Tourism Techniques - Specialization in Development and Promotion of Travel Products
430.A0 & LJA.17 - DEC &AEC in Hotel Management Technique
430.B0 & LJA.18 - DEC & AEC in Food Service Management
LJA.1Q - AEC in Hotel Lodging Management
LJA.1E - AEC in Managing Senior Citizen Homes
LCL.1K - AEC in Travel Creation
53.11 - DEP in Professional Cooking
53.24 - ASP in Market-Fresh Cooking

410.B0 & LCA.71 - DEC & AEC in Accounting and Management Technology
410.D0 & LCA.70 - DEC & AEC in Business Management
410.X0 - DEC in Creative Industries Management
420.BP - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Programming option
420.BR - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Network and Security Management option
420.BX - DEC in Computer Science Technology - Video Game Programming option
EEC.24 - AEC in Residential Real Estate Broker
EJN.16 - AEC in Operations and Production Management
LCA.CV - AEC in SME Accounting
LCA.FP - AEC in Entrepreneurship and Takeover
LCA.FU - AEC in Project Management
LCA.5E - AEC in International Commerce Import-Export (FITT)
LCA.5G - AEC in Transportation Logistics
LEA.00 - AEC in Mobile and Web Application Development for Mobile Devices in Information Technology
LEA.27 - AEC in Cisco Network Management
LEA.3Q - AEC in Information Technology Programmer-Analyst
LEA.99 - AEC in Network Management (Cisco and Microsoft)
LEA.D7 - AEC in Specialization in Business Intelligence
LEA.DQ - AEC in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
LEA.DR - AEC in Machine Learning
NTL.1H - AEC in Game and Level Design
NTL.0V - AEC in Video Game 3D Modeling
NWY.1X - AEC in Social Media Strategy

300.A0 - DEC in Social Sciences (all profiles)
322.A0 & JEE.OQ - DEC & AEC in Early Childhood Education
351.A0 - DEC in Special Care Counselling

LCA.D0 - AEC in Event Planning and Management (online)
LCE.6S - AEC in Executive Assistant (online)
LEA.CE - AEC in E-business (online)
NTA.1C - AEC in Graphic Design (online - IlaSalle)
NTA.1P - AEC in Interior Design (online)
NTC.0L - AEC in Fashion Styling (online)
NTC.1H - AEC in Fashion Marketing - Buyer's Profile (online)
NTL.0Y - AEC in Video Game 3D Modeling (online)
NWE.30 - AEC in Multimedia Integration (online)

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