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On this page you will find a list of contacts who can help you throughout your studies. Each of these people will play a specific role in your life at the College. ​

Please feel free to contact them via mio!  

Orientation session for all students

Getting my semester off to a good start at the E-Learning school

You will find below a guide gathering all the necessary information to start your semester at the E-Learning school.

Table of services to contact

Types of requestsHow to make the requestWho to contact for information
Semester cancellationLinkilasalle admin
Academic pathwayMioilasalle admin
Request for equivalenceLinkilasalle admin
Requests for documents (certification letters, transcripts, reprints of documents, diplomas)Section Request a document on Omnivoxilasalle admin
Schedule modificationMioilasalle admin
Re-registration Mioilasalle admin​
Technical Refusal Mio ilasalle admin
Withdrawing from a courseMioilasalle admin
Grade revisionForms section on Omnivoxilasalle admin
Grade revisionForms section on Omnivoxilasalle admin

The Team at Your Service

Luisa Fernanda Chamorro Gomez
Student coordinator

Chantal Thériault
Administrative Technician

Chrystel Jacquot-Donnat
Director of operations, OPM (Online Program Management)

Nathalie Gomez
Academic Program Manager

Veronica Martins
Virtual Campus Coordinator

Kara Lavers
Academic Support Coordinator