I have a question about my billing and finances

Do you have a question about billing, tuition, contract or payment arrangements?

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Details of fees - Billing

Is my contract for the full duration of my program?
During your course of study at LaSalle College, depending on the program, you may have to sign more than one contract, which we will call "re-registration".

Is the fee on my contract for the entire duration of my program or just for the duration of the contract?
The fees to your contract are for the duration of the contract and not for the duration of your studies. For example, if a contract is for 2 sessions, but your program is for 4 sessions, you will have to sign a new contract for the 2 sessions not covered by your initial contract. The terms and fees may vary, always according to the criteria established by the competent authorities.

There is a price difference between the amount paid on my first contract and my new one.
When signing a new contract (re-registration), you must pay the registration fees again. Also, tuition fees increase annually according to the directives of the Ministry of Education. Generally speaking, these increases are normally between 3 and 6% per year.

The first payments of my contract are higher, why?
The first contract payments are always higher, as they include the related fees for the duration of the contract.  

Fees Payment

How do I pay my tuition?
All payments are now made online. To see the available payment methods, please refer to the following link.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?
As of March 2019, we no longer accept payments in cash or by cheque. Please refer to the following link to see the available payment methods.

I have been paying for more than 10 days now but my balance still seems to be overdue.
Please send a proof of payment by mio to the Student Financial Services team at servicesfinetudiants@collegelasalle.com so that we can conduct a payment search.

I try to pay on Omnivox, but I can't because my balance seems to be up to date?
We proceed to the billing of each session 5 days before the date of the first payment provided for in your contract. Please note that it will not be possible to pay on Omnivox if you have not been billed or if you do not have a balance to pay. However, it is possible at any time to make a payment using the other payment platforms presented on this page.

I have paid my invoice, but my account still has an outstanding balance.
Depending on the type of transaction, you must allow between 2 and 10 business days for the payment to be applied to your account.

I want to withdraw fees from the LCI Foundation.
This is an optional fee, however as it is in the contract it is the student's responsibility to notify us before the billing date if they do not wish to contribute so that we can adjust their statement accordingly. Please note that this donation is tax deductible. Send a mio with your request to Student Financial Services. There may be a delay of approximately 1 week before your request is processed and your statement is adjusted. Please note that you must pay the remainder of your bill even if this adjustment is not made. 

Payment Agreement

Can I pay in installments? 
In general, you must respect the payment dates identified on your contract. However, if a particular situation arises that does not allow you to meet these commitments, it is possible to make a payment agreement with us. To proceed with this request, we ask you to complete the following application form. An agent will contact you to advise you of the decision within 10 days.

I applied for loans and bursaries late and I am not able to pay according to the dates set out in the contract.
Please contact Calvin Weimers by email or TEAMS (calvin.weimers@collegelasalle.com) to establish a payment date for your loan and bursary payments.

Can I make a payment arrangement for all my sessions?
Generally speaking, a student can only make one payment arrangement during the course of his or her studies due to a particular situation. Note that students in their first session are not eligible for a payment arrangement. 


Do I have to be covered by insurance?
It is mandatory for local and international students to be insured.

I am an international student and I already have my insurance, or I am covered by the RAMQ and therefore I do not wish to be covered by the insurance taken out through LaSalle College.
If the student wishes to have his/her own private insurance and not join Tugo, he/she must submit proof of insurance by email (servicesfinetudiants@collegelasalle.com) before the billing date of the contract, otherwise he/she will be automatically insured by Tugo. Please note that we must approve that the student's coverage is sufficient.

I don't seem to have received my card, where can I find it?
You should have received in your personal email the complete information regarding your insurance. Check your junk mail, if it is not in your main mailbox. If no information is in it, please contact the Student Financial Services team by MIO (allow 5 business days).

I am a French student and I am currently insured by the RAMQ. Do I need to be covered by another travel insurance?
Within the framework of the France/Quebec partnership, if you are a foreign student benefiting from a social security agreement, you can enroll in the health insurance plan or extend your eligibility. However, please note that many expenses are not covered (e.g., medication). Please refer to the following site.

What are the dates of insurance coverage?
Generally, from August 15 to August 14 (approx.) of the following year if the student begins the program in the fall and from January 12 to January 11 (approx.) of the following year if the student begins the program in the winter.

What does my insurance cover?
Please refer to the documents on Omnivox "Documents and Messages" or call Tugo (foreign students) or Humania (local students) directly. 

Customer Service - Student Financial Services

How do I reach a Financial Services Officer? 

We suggest that you send a mio with your application to Student Financial Services. The normal response time is normally within 24 hours. However, at the beginning of the session, please expect longer delays. However, you can make an appointment with an agent at the following address.


To cancel a semester (cancellation of the educational services contract), the student must fill out the form through the following link https://www.lasallecollege.com/student-ressources/cancelation-and-departure in order to signify his/her desire to cancel with the reason for the cancellation. This date will be considered as the official date for the cancellation request.

Educational Financial Aid

I would like to know if I am eligible for the Loans and Bursaries Program
Only students with proof of federal and provincial residency are eligible for assistance. See the following site : www.afe.gouv.qc.ca

What financial tools are available to help me finance my education?
Here is an interesting reference link provided by the Government of Canada. 

For more information, please contact Mr. Calvin Weimers by email at Calvin.Weimers@collegelasalle.com.

For all other questions:

If it does not meet your needs, we invite you to make an appointment with a member of the financial services team at this address or to write a mio to Financial services for students, Financial services for students. 

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